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 Statuts de la Chancellerie Impériale

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MessageSujet: Statuts de la Chancellerie Impériale   Dim 28 Avr 2013 - 21:40

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Statues of the Imperial Chancellery


Article I : The Imperial Chancellery is an independent institution governed by its own Constitution.
Article II : The Imperial Chancellery is an institution serving the Sacrum Romanorum Imperium Nationis Germanicae and the Emperor.
Article III :The Imperial Chancellery is not able to take a decision, decree, or order without the Emperor agreement.

I/ About the role of the Imperial Chancellery.

• The Imperial Chancellery is in charge of the relations with foreign Kingdoms and their institutions. It represents the interests of the Empire and ensures the respect of its integrity by foreign powers.
• The Imperial Chancellery directs imperial diplomacy.
• The Imperial Chancellery is directly related to the Emperor and takes its orders directly from Him.
• The Imperial Chancellery is working closely with provincial and royal chancelleries of the Empire. It must maintain a formal library grouping the various treaties signed by the provinces.
• The Imperial Chancellery, is the institution starting negotiations with a foreign Realm.
• The Imperial Chancellery welcomes foreign dignitaries wishing to meet the Emperor.

II / Functioning of the Chancellery.

• The Imperial Chancellery is lead by the Imperial Chancellor, who is appointed by the Emperor.
The Chancellery also includes Ambassadors, attached to a specific Realm.
• The Imperial Chancellor is able, in the case of an absence, to appoint a Vice-Chancellor among the Ambassadors, who will replace him.
• The Imperial Ambassadors are intermediaries between the Imperial Chancellor and the entrusted Realm.

III / Obligations of members of the Chancellery.

• A member of the Chancellery must be present and active in the Chancellery
• No information exchanged within the Chancellery should be disclosed.
• An oath to the Empire and the Emperor will be given by each arriving member, and then, to each new Emperor.
• Members of the Chancellery must show themselves worthy of their rank and of the trust that the Emperor has placed in them.
• Every member must obey the orders given by the Chancellor.
• Any member of the Chancellery should not be involved in a Provincial Council. However, approval to fulfill both positions can be granted. It has to be approved by both the provinical authorities and the Imperial Chancellor, with the agreement of the Emperor. If the approval is refused by one of the parties, the ambassador shall resign from one of the two positions within 2 days.

IV / About the admission of ambassadors.

The ambassadors are admitted by the Chancellor after he has considered the candidacy.

• Will have to live in the Sacrum Romanorum Imperium Nationis Germanicae. (Property)
• Will have also to be Aristotelians and be baptized.
• Should not have criminal records.
• Must be free of any obligation to their provinces.
• Can assume other imperial mandates as long as that do not interfere with their work as ambassador.
• Do not belong to any foreign organizations or any criminal ones.

V / About the Office of translation.

• The Translation Office is a department directly dependent on the Imperial Chancellery. It is independent of other institutions.
• The Translator in Chief is appointed by the Imperial Chancellor, in case of the approval of the Emperor.
• The Chief translator will speak English and one language of the following list :
- English (required)
- German (optional)
- French (optional)
- Italian (optional)
- Dutch (optional)
- Slovenian (optional)
• The Chief Translator shall have the burden to be surrounded, at its discretion, by translators, so that the majority of known languages would be translatable by the service.
• Translators are subject to the same admission criterias as the ambassadors.

VI / About the Council of the provincial and royal Chancellors.

• To make sure that the imperial diplomacy will be united and will rispond to the provincial expectations, a Council of the provincial and royal Chancellors will be create.
• Each Chancellor is free to participate, or not, but if he does not, no complaint will be listened from him about the imperial diplomacy.
• This Council will be lead by the Imperial Chancellor, who will ask the advises of the other Chancellor on several subjects.

Given and decided in Strasbourg, the 11th day of January in the year of Grace MCDLXI
Pro Imperium,

Jade de Sparte d'Avila
Imperial Chancelor of the Sacrum Romanum Imperium Nationis Germanicae

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Statuts de la Chancellerie Impériale
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